Zigma 1
Zigma™ 1 High Performance Test Contacting solution for initial lab characterization through high-volume production test environments.

Zigma™ 1
products are the next best thing of not having a contact at all. The high electrical performance and long mechanical life ensures reliable repeatable electrical and mechanical performance over multiple cycles.
Zigma™ 1
Designed to test QFN, DFN, QFP, and SO IC packages for most handler platforms, the Patented Zigma™ Test Contacting Solution gives you visible results, lowering your cost of test, higher yields and up‐ binning of your product.
Electrical Specification
1Electrical Length (mm)1.16
2InductanceSelf (nH)0.39
Mutual (nH)0.14
3CapacitanceSelf (pH)0.17
Mutual (pH)0.056
4S21 (Insertion Loss/Bandwidth)-1dB @ 40GHz
5S11 (Return Loss/Bandwidth)-20dB @ 16GHz
6S41 (Crosstalk/Bandwidth)-20dB @ 12.5GHz
7Contact DC Resistance (mohm)<= 25.0
8Current Carrying Capacity (A)4.00
9Current Leakage (pA) @ 10V<= 1.0
10Decoupling Area (mm)1.30
11Peak Current (A @ 1ms)30.00
Mechanical Specifications
1Physical Pin Length (mm)1.60
2Pin Uncompressed Height (mm)0.925
3Pin Compliance (mm)0.175
4Pin Tip Coplanarity (mm)0.05
5Pin Wiping Length (mm)<= 0.1
6Gram Force Per Pin (g)25 to 35
7Number Of InsertionHousing>= 6 Millions
Elastomer>= 400K
Pin (Matte Tin)>= 500K
Pin (NiPd)>= 300K
8Operating Temperature ©-45 to 155
9Socket MaterialTORLON 5030
10Pin MaterialBeCu-Ni-Au

Features & Benefits

Superior signal performance: Low insertion loss up to 40GHz. Miniature contacts provide extremely short signal path and improves first‐pass yields
Mechanical robustness: Rated for hundreds of thousands of IC package insertions for high-volume production test environments
Versatile and cost effective: Easy replacement of contacts to reduce MTBA, improving up‐time and lowering cost‐of‐test
Short Wiping Stroke (SWS) Technology: Micro-wipe provides consistent performance results while minimizing debris generation. Ideal for today’s shorter lead geometry configurations
Advance Contact Finish (ACF) Technology: Extends maintenance intervals by reducing plating transfer buildup and loose debris
No “Tail Stop Wear”: Sustainable results for longer periods of time without affecting contact wipe length and extends life of housing for reduced spare part cost
Larger Elastomer: Provides more consistent results, sustainable for longer periods of time and reduction in spare part cost
Load Board Protected from External Debris: Front elastomer acts as a shield, preventing debris and other contaminants from entering contact/load board pad interface

Ground Options Available Based On Testing Needs

Conductive Flat/Solid
  • Material: Copper/Nickel/Gold (BeCu/Ni/Au)
  • Feature:
    • Maximum surface area contact
Conductive Flat with Contacts
  • Material: Copper/Nickel/Gold (BeCu/Ni/Au)
  • Feature:
    • Maximum surface area contact
    • Self-cleaning micro-wipe
    • Vertical compliance
Non-Conductive Flat with Contacts
  • Material: Torlon 5030 or equivalent
  • Feature:
    • Self-cleaning micro-wipe
    • Vertical compliance

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