Manual Actuator Solutions
We are very proud of of our Manual Actuator Solutions. Here is why.

Zigma’s Manual Actuator Technology / Feature

Available for both Single Latch Turn Knob (SLTK) and Double Latch Turn Knob (DLTK) manual actuator
Self-locking mechanism of latch hook to bring ease for end user
Body outline is designed with ‘user friendly’ features in mind
Internal lock and unlock mechanism to prevent overturned, turn knob jamming and increased manual actuator lifespan
Come with high quality silicon rubber which can withstand extreme hot or cold temperature
DLTK manual actuator will have socket-locking mechanism to prevent its from wobbling when rotating the turn knob
All Zigma manual actuator will come with Z-axis compatible features (spring loaded)
Having safety lock feature (between turn knob & latch hook) which will prevent manual actuator from accidentally being open or removed from socket during testing
One hand operation for all Zigma manual actuator

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