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Alpha Kelvin
Alpha™/Alpha™-Kelvin: Straight-thru (IC package and load board ends are in vertical alignment) High Performance Test Contacting solution for initial lab characterization through high-volume production test environments.

Alpha™: High current/power test contacting solutions which long mechanical life ensures reliable repeatable electrical and mechanical performance over multiple cycles.
Alpha™ Specifications
Designed to test QFN, DFN, QFP, and SO IC packages for most handler platforms, the Alpha™ Test Contacting Solution gives you visible results, lowering your cost of test, higher yields and up- binning of your product.
Electrical Specification
1Electrical Length (mm)
2InductanceSelf (nH)3.543.54
Mutual (nH)
3CapacitanceSelf (pH)
Mutual (pH)
4S21 (Insertion Loss/Bandwidth)
5S11 (Return Loss/Bandwidth)
6S41 (Crosstalk/Bandwidth)
7Contact DC Resistance (mohm)10.0<= 30.0
8Current Carrying Capacity (A)4.004.00
9Current Leakage (pA) @ 10V
10Decoupling Area (mm)
11Peak Current (A @ 1ms)30.0030.00
Mechanical Specifications
1Physical Pin Length (mm)
2Pin Uncompressed Height (mm)3.433.43
3Pin Compliance (mm)0.2000.200
4Pin Tip Coplanarity (mm)
5Pin Wiping Length (mm)<= 0.15<= 0.15
6Gram Force Per Pin (g)20 to 3020 to 30
7Number Of InsertionHousing>= 6 Millions>= 6 Millions
Pin (Matte Tin)>= 500K>= 500K
Pin (NiPd)>= 500K>= 500K
8Operating Temperature ©-45 to 155-45 to 155
9Socket MaterialTORLON 5030TORLON 5030
10Pin MaterialBeCu-Ni-AuBeCu-Ni-Au

Features & Benefits

Mechanical robustness: Rated for hundreds of thousands of IC package insertions for high-volume production test environments
Versatile and cost effective: Easy replacement of contacts to reduce MTBA, improving up-time and lowering cost-of-test
Thermal Conditioning Channels (TCC) Technology: Ability to efficiently thermal condition IC package and test contactor components to maintain ±2°C test temperature
Short Wiping Stroke (SWS) Technology: Micro-wipe provides consistent performance results while minimizing debris generation. Ideal for today’s shorter lead geometry configurations
Advance Contact Finish (ACF) Technology: Extends maintenance intervals by reducing plating transfer buildup and loose debris

Ground Options Available Based On Testing Needs

Conductive Flat/Solid
  • Material: Copper/Nickel/Gold (BeCu/Ni/Au)
  • Feature:
    • Maximum surface area contact
Hinged Contact Insert(HCIE)
  • Material: Copper/Nickel/Gold (BeCu/Ni/Au)
  • Feature:
    • Self-cleaning micro-wipe
    • Vertical compliance
Non-Conductive Flat with Contacts
  • Material: Torlon 5030 or equivalent
  • Feature:
    • Self-cleaning micro-wipe
    • Vertical compliance

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