Introducing one of the World’s 1st auto centering manual actuator

Introducing one of the World’s 1st auto centering manual actuator, catering to package sizes from 2mm x 2mm up to 7mm x 7mm

ACMA Benefits

Lessen the number of dedicated MA
Less inventory management compared to dedicated ones
Few in one technology enable the user to test device sizes from 2mm to 7mm
100% FPY due to precise holding of device to centre regardless of the size variation
Direct cost saving by reduced purchase of dedicated MAs

ACMA Technology / Features

Spring loaded, cam actuated precision auto centering mechanism
Self-latch direct drive load design
Provides simple latching/releasing of the actuator
Guides the package precisely before engaging the lead backer
Cam mechanism actuates device
Vertical actuation of contacts
More consistent package contact
Centralized force distribution methodology
Reduced/minimize X-Y movement of package
Configurable/adjustable lead backer
Easy to replace lead backer when changing between various size of packages
Provides quick placement and removal of package
Better airflow to package
Center thru holes in the entire unit ensure better temperature control

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