Quality &
ESH Policy
We are committed to deliver best in class products and services to our customers while continuously improving our operational excellence
Quality Pledge
Our persistent attitude to deliver top-notch quality products and customer service is never compromised. Our vision to be the “BEST” in our sector drives us to never settle for anything less than perfection. At JF Technology, quality is not just another goal; it is our foundation for success and future growth.
Quality Priority
Our customers demand and deserve a high quality product and it is our responsibility to provide them with what they require. If our customers’ requirements are unclear or not available, then it is our job to seek for a better understanding of their requirements or specifications. If we fail at any time, we must then determine what went wrong and ensure that it does not happen again.
Quality First
It is clearly understood in JF Technology that we will not allow quality to take second place behind cost or delivery schedules. All employees have the right to question their superiors’ decisions or actions if they feel that quality is being compromised.

Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Policy

JF Technology Berhad recognizes that its operations consume a substantial amount of energy, resources and various chemicals that generate waste due to research & development, engineering, manufacturing and supporting jobs of test contactor products which have a great impact on the ESH. Therefore, the company will observe the following policies in efforts to reduce the environmental, safety and health impact.

  • Conserve natural resources by reusing and recycling materials, purchasing recycled materials, and using recyclable packaging and other materials.
  • Develop, manufacture, and market products that are environment friendly and can be reused, recycled or disposed of safely.
  • Opt for development and manufacturing processes that do not adversely affect the ESH while minimizing waste, health and safety risks, preventing air, water, and other pollutions, and disposing of waste safely and responsibly.
  • Rely on internal operations that conserves and uses energy efficiently while giving preferences to renewable over non-renewable energy sources when feasible.
  • Participate in efforts to improve environmental protection around the world and share appropriate pollution prevention technology, knowledge and methods.
  • Meet or exceed applicable ESH government requirements and voluntary requirements to which JF Technology Berhad subscribes.
  • Measure our ESH performance, monitor our impact and communicate the results to our employees, subcontractors, stakeholders and the public.
  • We maintain emergency preparedness, response and recovery systems to prevent potential hazards, such as power outages, natural disasters, fires etc., from impacting the health and safety of employees and the workplace environment, as well as the smooth flow of business operations.
  • We are working with partners, customers and supplier to evaluate the compliance on the RoHS which involves identifying the use of alternative materials in our product components and manufacturing processes.
  • Provide appropriate resources to fulfill the above mentioned objectives.
This policy applies to all persons working for or on behalf of JF Technology Berhad. Every employee and subcontractor is expected to follow this policy and report environmental concerns to the management. The management shall promote world-leading environmental stewardship, take prompt actions to address concerns and issues, and exercise zero tolerance for non-compliance.

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