“For me, success is seeing the team happy, earning more and working harder because they want to-not because they have to”
CEO Dato’ Foong Wei Kuong

“Dato Foong sees all his staff as one on this journey towards excellence. The vision of JF Technology is shared by everyone and they continue to show the world that Malaysian companies can surpass global standards”
MATRADE Magazine, 2013
Employees are the foundation of a strong company, the engine that drives robust growth and the intellect behind success. At JF Technology Berhad, we recognise that.

To maintain our high standards of quality, JF strives to hire passionate and talented individuals who are dedicated to deliver outstanding results that benefits the company and team. A career at JF opens countless opportunities for employees who wish to sharpen their skills, uncover their potential and harness leadership.

No matter what role we play or where we are at, one thing is for sure — we share the same vision — to be the world’s no.1 provider in the test contacting solution market.

Please explore our vacancies below, and do contact us with your resume and details if you would like to join our exciting company.

Current Vacancies

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Mechanical Design Engineer

Develop new innovative and technology product and provide support to semiconductor industry

Job Tasks
  • Develop and design projects as per customer specifications and requirements.
  • Perform design concept, detail drawings, assembly drawings and Built of Material (BOM).
  • Provide technical back-up to Design Engineers and engineering HOD.
  • Complete design projects on time manner with sense of urgency to meet customer and delivery expectation.
  • Support operations and sales department on technical matters if required.
  • Responsible in new development projects and First of Kind (FOK) developments.
  • Responsible in develop standard design library or drawing templates.
  • Work closely with manufacturing team for continuous improvement in design and processes.
  • Support the design team on tight schedules by extra working hours.
  • Responsible on product testing, validation, Design of Experiments (DOE), Standard Operation Procedure (SOP), Work Instruction (WI), report writing and etc.
  • Responsible to assemble the design prototype and provide training to relevant parties involved.
  • Provide technical support at customer’s premise as when required.
  • Assist in other engineering related documentation/administration.

  • Propose at least one new product development yearly.
  • Responsible for innovation of exiting products.
  • Generate proposals for continuous improvement on the existing products.

Job Requirements
  • Essential Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
    • Knowledge in both verbal and written in English
  • Desirable Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Degree in CAD/CAM Engineering
    • Degree in Mechatronic Engineering
    • Familiar with machining process

Product Development Engineer

Product development engineers oversee the conception and design of manufactured goods. The primary responsibility of development engineers is to create a product design that fulfills a company or client’s strategic goals while integrating the needs of marketing, sales and manufacturing departments. They oversee research and design teams, lead testing procedures and draft specifications for manufacturing. They direct the creation of models or samples and fine-tune designs until they are ready for production.

  • Identifying the needs and goals for a new product, from function to aesthetics. They are required to coordinate with market researchers and materials suppliers to evaluate market needs, existing competition and potential costs.
  • Product development engineers then create a design using computer-aided design software and fabricate models that can be tested.
  • They experiment with and analyse different materials, manufacturing processes, design tolerances and other factors in the developmental process.
  • After refining and reviewing initial designs, product development engineers deliver specifications and procedures to manufacturing teams who can then begin production.

Education & Experience
  • At least a bachelor’s degree program in engineering and had several years of development experience (At least 2~3 years).

Skills & Knowledge
  • Knowledge of manufacturing processes, materials and quality assurance protocols can be beneficial

Technical Specialist Engineer

Key Purposes
  • Provide technical advice on technical related issue to company product and services.
  • Provide corrective direction and proactive recommendation of using right tools (DFMEA, 5 whys, Fish Bone Analysis etc.) on existing or new product.
  • To support and participate any assignment or task (example: on site services, troubleshooting, product qualification, maintenance training) allocated and/or assign by the management when and
  • where is needed.
  • Establish in house test equipment operation process and procedure. Up keep all equipment with appropriate periodic maintenance.
  • To buy-off new product.

Job Tasks
  • Attend and participate in customer complaint meeting to provide technical assistant for 8D development or corrective action.
  • Carry out failure analysis to any DOA failure socket and provide improvement suggestion.
  • Maintain reliability and test laboratory 5S.
  • Responsible for test equipment maintenance and functionality.
  • Provide guidance and coaching in term of field application requirement for a robust test socket design.
  • Participate and establish new product characterization and reliability/electrical testing activities. Generate Maintenance & Installation Guide (M&I) and technical/specification documentation.
  • Travel to customer site to provide onsite support when requested.

  • Effective FA report with 8D approach.
  • Establish over learning assessment for technical employee as continue knowledge improvement effort.
  • Provide product training to colleagues, sales & service rep. and customer.
  • Carry out product characterization and reliability testing.
  • Provide weekly & monthly report on areas of responsibility on timely basis.

Job Requirements
  • Essential Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • > 5 years of working experience in semiconductor testing environment.
  • Desirable Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • In depth (> 10 years) working experience in semiconductor test environment particularly in test handler and test socket application.

Process Engineer

  • Develop process flow, PFMEA, control plan, work instruction and visual aid.
  • Lead in manufacturing process set-up for new product or new model introduction including defining the optimum process flow, process layout, tooling, fixture and equipment requirement.
  • Lead in cycle time improvement and process improvement activities.
  • Initiate and coordinate cost down activity and other operational related activities i.e. OEE improvement, mistake proofing and 5S.
  • Ensure all equipment and processes meet Malaysia health, safety and environmental standards.
  • To meet & exceed departmental KPI targets.

Education & Experience
  • Must possess at least a diploma in Mechanical Engineering or Mechatronic Engineering or equivalent.

Skills & Knowledge
  • Good knowledge in semiconductor test probes and test socket manufacturing.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills, both verbal and written in both English and Bahasa Malaysia
  • Good computer skills especially with MS Office, AutoCAD, SolidWorks or equivalent.
  • Familiar with Quality Management System i.e. ISO9001, Environmental standard ISO14001 and Health and Safety Standard OHSAS 18001.
  • Familiar with machining process
  • Good knowledge of statistical process control and data analysis tools

Manufacturing / Industrial Engineer

  • Managing operational performance of the Company’s Manufacturing Division, which comprises:
    • Quality Assurance – QA & QC
    • Engineering – Design & Development, Engineering, Tool shop
    • Production, Purchasing, Logistics and Warehouse
    • Management Information System – IT
  • Oversees and manages the entire manufacturing operations, including safety and facility issues.
  • Capable to analyze, strategize, formulate and implement manufacturing operation plan, to lead and to achieve objectives and targets set to be one of the safest and lowest cost in manufacturing for a test contactor manufacturer
  • Responsible for planning and execution of manufacturing and distribution plans to meet customers’ requirements for product quality, cost and delivery timeliness.
  • Monitors the manpower, machineries, material and best practices utilization’s effectiveness and fulfill manufacturing requirements in a high mix environment
  • Accountable for company’s manufacturing capability, competency, capacity and meeting or exceed set KPIs.
  • Drive continuous improvement program KAIZEN, 5S in the manufacturing operations.
  • Lead and overseeing the implementation and use of ERP and IT system of the entire company.
  • Develop customer specific processes and coordinate the introduction of new product lines.
  • Investigate customer complaints, process deviation or quality non-conformance and proactively lead in the problem resolution with internal cross functional teams and customers.
  • Recommend and implement new technologies, system and machinery to stay competitive and meet market demand.
  • Record and report on a daily, weekly and monthly basis the performance of the manufacturing division.

Education & Experience
  • Degree in Engineering or equivalent.

Skills & Knowledge
  • Ideal candidate should have experience with min 5 years hands on quality experience in manufacturing industry.
  • A mature team player and able to work independently.

Quality Assurance Engineer

Key Purposes
  • Implement & maintain company QMS
  • To assure product quality meeting or exceeding customer requirements

Job Tasks
  • Responsible to develop & maintain control plan for new product
  • Coordinate & facilitate 8D meeting
  • Responsible for writing & closure of 8D report
  • Responsible for CQI (Continuous Quality Improvement)
  • To initiate & facilitate preventive action (eg. FMEA, Poka Yoke)
  • To provide training & coaching on Quality subject (eg. 7 QC tools)
  • Responsible for 5S activities in QC department
  • Responsible in defect identification and authorized to stop the line and feedback to production immediately
  • Responsible in Internal Audit – to conduct monthly audit report and presentation; No. of audit per year and No. of internal CAR and No. of QC Equipment calibration inspection per year
  • Responsible for the execution & closure of corrective action and compliance with customers’ specifications; No. of customer complaint per year and quality related matters as required
  • Responsible in QC manpower planning, OTD, daily job planning, establishment and clearly defined quality methods for staff to apply
  • Supervising and provide solution of quality related technical problems for QC & technical staff in carrying out tests and checks
  • Responsible in new vendor qualification and criteria
  • Responsible in process & product change notice (PCN)
  • Responsible in maintenance of QC equipment, proper recording of QC tools and QC equipment buy off
  • Establishment of QC inspection methodology and communication board on daily QC inspection planning
  • Responsible in quality control program, quality data analysis, quality process control, quality system and quality target.
  • Meeting QC department KPI

  • On time delivery
  • Customer Complaint
  • Cost of poor quality
  • Product quality
  • Cycle time
  • Internal & external audit

Job Requirements
  • Essential Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Diploma or Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent
    • Experience with min 5 years hands on quality experience in manufacturing industry preferably in metal or plastic fabrication industry
    • Good working knowledge on application of TQM, QCC and ISO standards
    • Experience as Internal Quality Auditor
    • Working knowledge on Quality tools and Statistical tools
    • A mature team player and able to work independently
    • Written & Verbal communication in Bahasa Malaysia and English
  • Desirable Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Effective communication and training skills
    • Knowledge in technical drawing
    • Experience in SL8 ERP system
    • Experience as Lead auditor

Sales Engineer

Key Purposes
  • Increase sales in assigned territory (central to northern Malaysia, China and Taiwan).
  • First level of application support to customers.

Job Tasks
  • Manage customers, territory and time effectively with sense of urgency.
  • Maximizing values for customers/distributor/sales channel partners through professional selling and services.
  • Energizing customers through better plan visit, ROIR and follow-up.
  • Prepare timely sales related reports and market intelligent document for the purpose of sales activities (e.g. quotation, proposals, customers and competitors activities etc.).
  • Support cross functional activities with respective department such as Design & Development, Application and other relevant department with sales team for preparation of sales proposal, technical presentation and deliverables to customers.
  • First contact window for customer complaint.
  • Responsible for collecting bad debt from the assigned territory.
  • Perform any other tasks assigned as when required by the Management.

  • Increase numbers of customers.
  • First level of application support to customers.
  • First contact window for customer complaint.
  • Professional selling and time management.
  • Generate new projects or products evaluation.
  • Ensure customers satisfaction.

Job Requirements
  • Essential Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Degree in Electronic, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering
    • 2~3 year experience in sales
    • Willing to travel local & overseas extensively for business activities
    • Proficient in English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin
  • Desirable Experience, Qualification & Knowledge
    • Sales & marketing related experience
    • Semiconductor manufacturing & testing experience will be added advantage

Technical & Behavioral Competencies
A range of competencies are required to do the job – knowledge, skills, attitude – technically and behavioral (Indentify level of competence, a specific learned activity, generally gained through training, usually indicating a level of effectiveness and efficiency). Rating scale of 5 for the Highest, 1 for the Lowest).
  • Technical Competencies
    • Handling customer requirement professionally — Level 4
    • Electrical, Electronics or Mechanical — Level 4
  • Behavioral Competencies
    • Communication skill — Level 4
    • Sense of urgency — Level 4
    • Willing to learn attitude — Level 4
    • Work independently — Level 4

Relevant work experience in the semiconductor industry is a plus point. However, fresh graduates who wish to establish their career with JF are more than welcome to submit their CV to us for consideration.

Talents with these Key Academic Qualifications may apply:
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering (D&D, Production, T&A, QA)
  • Degree in Mechatronic Engineering (Production, T&A, QA)
  • Degree in Industrial Engineering (Production, QA)
  • Degree in Electrical & Electronic Engineering (T&A)

Don’t see position you are looking for? Do not worry, we always keep an open mind. Just drop in your CV and our team will respond accordingly.

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